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What crowdfunding is?

What is Crowd Dragons and how does it work?

Crowd Dragons (run by Crowd Dragons Sp. z o.o.) is a specialized social finance portal that allows you to invest in projects from the computer games market and projects related to VR / AR technologies reported using the portal by the Originators. The portal enables three models of project financing: revenue crowdfunding (purchase of a share in future revenues from the project), share crowdfunding (purchase of shares in the Company), traditional crowdfunding (financial support for prizes e.g. in the form of a ready game).

Why crowdfunding is a good way to raise capital / a place to invest in games, VR / AR?

From the Investor's point of view, participation in projects in the computer games industry or other creative industries may be a highly promising but also a highly risky undertaking. These types of projects are so complex in terms of production as well as marketing and sales strategy that it is difficult to assess their commercial potential, even when based on a very advanced, playable demo. On the other hand, the spectacular successes of many companies from the gaming industry and various entertainment projects cause that the group of investors interested in this investment segment is systematically growing. Investors, however, prefer to diversify their risk by purchasing shares in many projects. Crowdfunding is a natural place for such diversification, therefore this form of investing is systematically gaining importance, especially in the case of projects at an early stage.

The role of Crowd Dragons as Publishers

CrowdDragons.com as a Publisher can appear only in the case of revenue crowdfunding. CrowdDragons.com accepts two types of projects as part of revenue crowdfunding - those in which it plays the role of the Publisher and those in which it cooperates with the Publisher of a given project. This approach significantly reduces the risk for investors in revenue crowdfunding, because CrowdDragons.com or the Publisher cooperating with us completely controls the revenue from the project and can transparently settle them between Investors and creators, according to the proportions adopted during the campaign. A factor that significantly reduces the risk of investors is also the transfer of funds obtained within the revenue crowdfunding campaign to the developer, only after the implementation of milestones set during the campaign.

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