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Shareholders: 12
Acquired sum: 600,000 PLN
Goal: 600,000 PLN
FAT DOG GAMES - enter the game with Fat Dog

FAT DOG GAMES S.A. it paves the way and creates new trends in the industry of publishing computer games. The company specializes in financing relatively small productions, but usually engages in projects at a very advanced stage of production. Through the first revenue crowdfunding campaign in Poland, we offer the purchase of share in future revenues from the sale of the six games currently being developed, of which we are the Publisher. We have combined the games into a package because we know the importance of risk diversification.

We are a fast-growing publisher of computer and video games. We started as a small company creating mobile games, but better and better contacts with investors set us in the role of an interface between people with money and people with an idea. From 2017, FAT DOG GAMES S.A. is listed on the NewConnect stock market.

As a publisher, we invest in teams of game developers, giving them a chance to leave the mental garage and the opportunity to professionally dedicate themselves to their projects. We finance the entire game development cycle, from concept to sale. We are also responsible for the marketing and promotion strategy of each title. Knowing that artistic souls need discipline, we constantly monitor the production of games financed by us - we verify the implementation of planned milestone and we take care of quality control.

Our goal

Simulation for revenue crowdfunding campaign


The investment made by Crowd Dragons Investors
600,000 PLN
Primary expenditures incurred by the Publisher for all projects
626,000 PLN
Percent from revenues attributable to Investors of Crowd Dragons portal.
PLN / EUR exchange rate
4.2 PLN
Distribution and engine costs (% of revenue)

Simulation of the rate of return

The average selling price of the game
Number of games sold from the package throughout their life cycle (PCs, consoles) *
Revenue from the sale of the game
2,047,500 PLN
Net income (less distribution costs)
1,228,500 PLN
Profit (loss) of the Investor
250 PLN
% profit (loss) of the Investor


LOVECRAFT TALES is an adventure horror game inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. The protagonist mysteriously goes to a dark, swampy province in the state of Vermont. He quickly realizes that the area is controlled by aggressive cultists. Will he find out why he got here before he dies or looses his mind? The game operates 3D graphics, but uses the adventure view from the side. The climate of the classic horror is maintained by the gloomy scenery and the subdued color palette.

Purpose of the issue: release on platforms - PC, Switch, Xbox, PS4.

Game type: Survival horror adventure

Premiere: III quarter of 2018

Developer: CVLT Games
Publisher: Fat Dog Games S.A.
Platform: PC (Steam)

The game is played in two modes. The interior is dominated by adventure mechanics: handling objects, solving problems, talking to allies. After going outside, the protagonist goes into survival mode and hidden activities, hunted by aggressive worshipers. The daily cycle of the game world has a notable influence on the tactics. The development of non-linear adventure in the open world - and its ending - depend on the player's behavior. The game intentionally does not set a clear direction. Discovering the scraps of the mystery of this place, the protagonist must take care not to fall into madness.


  • The dark secret of worship in the Vermont state swamps
  • Combination of adventure elements and hidden activities
  • An open world with a non-linear plot and difficult decisions
  • Survivor: seeking food, surviving the night, caring for sanity

CVLT Games

A small development studio from Bytów. Lovers of horror and horror, with the mission of translating their fascinations into the language of games.



SAND IS THE SOUL is a demanding production for the most hardcore players, inspired by the extremely popular Dark Souls series and classic games such as Double Dragon and River City Ransom. This is a love letter addressed to retro lovers, poured with a sauce of modern mechanical solutions and a very deep game system, encouraging to repeatedly pass the game.

Purpose of the issue: porting to Unity + release of the game on Switch, Xbox, PS4

Game type: action RPG in retro style

Premiere:III quarter of 2018

Developer:MGP Studios

Publisher:Fat Dog Games S.A.

Platform: PC (Steam)

In the game, we direct the fate of a messenger who embarks on a diplomatic mission. His task is to provide the local authorities of Croshill with an extremely important letter. Unfortunately, soon after reaching border area called Frontier, the messenger becomes a witness to grotesque events and looses his life ... or not. The hero gains immortality, but each medal has two sides. He also gets the opportunity to "digest" Sand, which is a very powerful drug with a morphine-like effect. It's a simple way to addiction, which will make the surrounding world different than it seems at first glance. Perhaps even more real... Apart from the narrative line that we can finish in over 20 different ways, SAND IS THE SOUL also has a very strong and detailed history of the world. The player has the opportunity to thoroughly learn about the rich background of Croshill and the surrounding area through in-depth exploration of the terrain, conversations with encountered characters and performing side quests.

SAND IS THE SOUL stands out from other games with a huge number of interlocking systems. Not all of them are presented to the player directly so that he can better identify with the messenger and make decisions that are adequate to their own beliefs and in accordance with their character. Each decision has specific consequences and is not always unambiguously good or bad. Certain actions will change the attitude of specific factions towards the player. A messenger can be a noble warrior or a serial killer, he can also go mad as a result of his addiction, or reconcile with Mother Nature. The whole game is one big and living ecosystem that develops from the beginning of the game to its end in accordance with the player's decisions and actions. It is also a demanding title that does not forgive even the smallest mistakes and motivates you to polish your skills. SAND IS THE SOUL is also a grotesque and disturbing worldfull of tragic characters, mysteries and drama.


  • an original post-punk world with Victorian elements that evolves as you progress through the game
  • a multitude of interlocking systems, ie karma, morality, mental health
  • extensive historical background of the world and an intriguing plot
  • high level of difficulty and over 20 possible endings

MGP Studios

Triple indie band, the creator of the Sinless award-winning Digital Dragons game. Their productions are distinguished by their love for unusual graphic design and telling disturbing stories. Their goal is to create unique experiences that will remain in the players' memory for a long time. SAND IS THE SOUL is a solo project of one of the creators.



A representative of a species of unconfigured turn-based games with simple rules and dangerous depth. During the skirmishes, players move alternately combat units on small battlefields designed to create interesting tactical possibilities. The turn of each individual is to move and attack or use special abilities. During the fight, the player gets scattered across the level of buildings, which gives him money to enter new units. The EXORDER single mode is a bit similar to the X-COM series. The campaign consists of 12 missions connected with a fantasy tale about three neighboring countries and a game for the throne of the deceased king. The solo mode provides unexpected twists, interestingly designed battle levels and the ability to learn about the units that are unlocked gradually.

Purpose of the issue: porting games to Switch, Xbox, PS4 + extending the content to the game (map wizard for games whether; additional maps and units in the form of DLC)

Game type: turn based tactical game in a fantasy atmosphere

Premiere: second quarter of 2018

Developer: SOlid9 Studio
Publisher: Fat Dog Games S.A.
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android

The double mode is a bit like chess. When a player already knows the skills of individuals and knows when to buy them, he can concentrate on not losing a single turn. Two players' battles are the art of predicting opponent's moves, skilful counterattacks and setting tactical traps. Trying out different ways of fighting and managing resources, players are improving with each game played. The creators added a frame using vivid colours and a cartoon stylization. Whether on a large TV or a small touch screen, EXORDER simply catches the eye.


  • 12 surprising missions in the solo campaign
  • 2-player offline and online battles, loose or with global player ranking
  • More than a dozen types of units with amazing skills
  • Play whatever you want: mouse and keyboard, gamepad, touch screen

Solid9 Studio

A team of three creators operating in Warsaw. Solid9 Studio was founded in 2012 as an initiative after hours. After the release of the Kentucky mobile game, Robo Chicken studio is in full swing with the EXORDER.



WARLOCKS 2: God Slayersis a humorous action game with RPG elements and extensive exploration. You play as one of the members of the Order of Warlocks who have to face the gods this time. The heroes measured themselves in the original with the army of Shady Creatures, which turns out to be divine beings. The time has come to finally get them out of their all-powerful position. The second edition of the Warlocks series is much larger and richer in mechanics in relation to the original. The creators have developed a combat system - one of the strongest sides of the "one", adding more offensive skills to the heroes, as well as enabling a more individualized character development. Every wizard has at his disposal an extensive skill tree that the player can buy using the points earned. While playing, players can also gain their own "familiar", meaning a creature who, like a faithful dog, will support them during the most difficult battles. WARLOCKS 2: God Slayerstakes place in a colorful and diverse world in which everything is possible. Fairy creatures meet with legendary characters, and fantasy is intertwined with reality.

Purpose of the issue:financing of current production + platform - Switch, Xbox, PS4

Game type: platformer, action

Premiere: second quarter of 2018
Developer: Frozen District
Publisher: Fat Dog Games S.A.
Platform: PC (Steam), PS4, Nintendo Switch

Among the heroes we find such intriguing figures as the Cormag goat riding the dwarves like mounts, or the hipster witch Willow, who does not part with his mobile phone. The small arenas from the original were replaced with extended stages full of hidden passages and corridors, which encourages exploration and treasure hunt. The game randomly defines the distribution and statistics of spoils, so that you can collect other items with different properties during each trip. WARLOCKS 2: God Slayers allows even four players to complete the entire campaign in co-operation mode, both on one screen and over the Internet. Having fun together gives the game a new dimension and makes it easier to overcome challenges. The second edition of wizard adventures can boast of an even more beautiful artistic direction from which the original was famous. Creators have been honing their skills for months, thanks to which the game looks very attractive. Especially for lovers of classic, pixelated graphic design and liquid, hand-drawn animation.


  • Beautiful setting of pixel art with hand-animated characters and surroundings
  • Dynamic hack'n'slash style game with RPG elements and the ability to play with up to four players
  • Procedures generated by the loot encourage multiple passage and exploration of stages
  • The ability to develop heroes adequately to the individual style of the game


Frozen District

Small development studio from Poznan. Extremely talented artists already have a big hit on their account - Warlocks vs. Shadows. His sequel - Warlocks 2: God Slayers - already at the production stage won the India Grand Prix at the Pixel Heaven 2017 festival.



Purpose of the issue: financing of current production + platform - Switch, Xbox, PS4
Game type: dynamic SF shooter
Premiere: date not settled
Developer: WarSaw Games
Publisher: Fat Dog Games S.A.
Platform: PC (Steam)

Dynamic, effective action game with tactical elements. Set in an atmosphere of SF: in the distant future, when humanity colonizes the cosmos - and encounters dangerous pests from alien planets. During the mission, the player explores the levels viewed from above - stations and spaceships, warehouses in industrial city districts and the like. Moving and shooting in independent directions, the player exterminates cosmic monstrosities and often human enemies. The control is suitable for both the keyboard + mouse and gamepad.

Dangerous tasks are undertaken by a woman forced by fate to become an exterminator of space pests. Take well-paid orders from warehouse owners or space station managers who have lost control of their area or access to valuable cargoes. The player chooses the order, weighing the risk / earnings ratio. Money is spent on weapons and special equipment. A strong charge of action does not mean carelessness: the more damage a heroine causes, the more it will be deducted from hers salary.


  • Dynamic action in a top view
  • Effective binding and special effects
  • Tactical layer: selection of orders, money for weapons
  • Penalties for the destruction of the environment lead to precise actions

WarSaw Games

An independent studio based in Warsaw. Developers of the Dream Alone adventure platformer. A team of three friends with vast experience in programming, graphic design and music production. Together, they are able to make small things great.



Purpose of the issue: Completing the game and versions of Switch, Xbox One, PS4.
Game type: arcade battle arena
Premiere: IV quarter of 2018
Developer: Deusald Games
Publisher: Fat Dog Games S.A.
Platform: PC (Steam)

IGNIS: Duels of Wizards is an arcade tactical battlefield where mages duel. The player stands against the other person or artificial intelligence armed with an impressive set of spells: from missiles, through curses and battle cries, to the ability to summon a monster-familiar to help. The magic duels at Ignis are shorter, quicker and more intense. To humiliate your opponent, you do not have to take as much time as battles, for example in League of Legends. The distinguishing feature of the game is to manually determine the trajectory of magical missiles - using the mouse or controller knob. Extremely useful if the opponent sets the arena with barriers.

All spells can be upgraded during a fight. Thanks to such this system, victory depends not only on dexterity, but also on ingenious tactics. The one-man mode includes a series of challenges: fights with artificial intelligence under the changed rules of the game (for example, bullets reflecting off the walls). Multiplayer are duels played locally (on a split screen) or via the Internet. The game will feature an expandable ranking system for leagues and seasons.


In the land steeped in magic, twins come into the world, which become extremely powerful sorcerers. Noble Clarus is the grandmaster of white magic, and the evil and jealous Tenebris - black. When Tenebris begins to threaten the world, Clarus challenges him to a duel. After a fierce battle, the evil magician is trapped and Clarus disappears. Unfortunately, it turns out that the ignis-born magical stones will not keep Tenebris captive forever. Mages are organizing a great tournament, the winner of which is to face Tenebris when he returns.


  • Innovative casting mechanics and over 50 upgraded spells
  • Short, intense ranking matches
  • 6 playable characters with their own spells and passive skills
  • 8 familiars to help


Deusald Studio

A young team of artists was created in Krakow in 2016 on the initiative of three computer game enthusiasts: programmer, manager and graphic designer. Since then, Deusald Studio has grown to seven talented people.


About us

As part of the first revenue crowdfunding campaign in Poland carried out on the CrowdDragons.com platform, we offer a 10% share in revenue from the sale of six games currently under development, for which we are the Publisher for 600,000 PLN. We have combined these games into a package because we know how diversified the risk is in the price.

We are a fast-growing publisher of computer and video games. We started as a small company creating mobile games, but better and better contacts with investors set us in the role of an interface between people with money and people with an idea. We are listed on New Connect in Warsaw. As a publisher, we invest in teams of game developers, giving them a chance to leave the mental garage and the opportunity to professionally dedicate themselves to their projects. We finance the entire game development cycle, from concept to sale. We are also responsible for the marketing and promotion strategy of each title. We have a nose for great games and responsible creators. Thanks to the good work of our specialist on the evaluation of projects, and then tireless work of the quality control team, 9 of the 10 games we have contracted reach the final version. We set milestones, we pay the creators for delivering them.

We diversify game sales channels. The world is changing too fast to hang on one platform. Our PC games and mobile platforms reach global markets through online stores such as Steam, Nuuvem, Muve, Google Play and the Apple App Store. We also go to gaming consoles: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. We have everything fixed, now we are converting. Regardless, we are in the process of conquering the Chinese and Japanese markets with the help of local partners with extensive distribution channels. Our best people were in Asia during the China Joy games fair in Shanghai (July 2017) and the Taipei Games Show in Taiwan (January 2018). So far, epic kaks are mentioned there. Since last year, Fat Dog Games has been pulling from the market the best specialists in their fields, creating a carefully selected and versatile team. Together, we have decades of experience in game development, quality control, marketing, public relations and sales.

Dariusz Skrzypkowski

Chief Executive Officer

A creator of games and entertainment services for 11 years. Over 7 million users used his products. Before Fat Dog Games, he produced and released 10 games. From the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur.


Mateusz Czerwiński

Chief Marketing Officer

He graduated in psycho-pedagogy, so he remembers to praise everyone. Previously, he worked at Dentsu Aegis Network Polska on content-analytical and managerial positions. At Fat Dog, he coordinates all marketing activities.


Rafał Korytkowski

Chief Sales Officer

Man legend, twenty years of sales experience. Former manager in Cenega and IQ Publishing. Thanks to him, Fat Doga is constantly expanding into new platforms and markets.


Rafał Belke

Content Manager

Quality controller for rusks, also known as the head of the content department. He is responsible for the consistency of the company's external communication. Journalist, editor and translator with over twenty years of experience.




1. Specify the percentage of revenues - Decide how many percentages in the revenue of a given project you want to purchase

2. Fill out the form, read and approve the investment agreement, pay online - Confirmation of payment will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form. You must be logged in to make a purchase.

3. Receive confirmation of the investment - You will receive a confirmation of the transaction and a description of further steps related to the investment made to the provided e-mail address.

4. If the campaign is not successful (it will not reach the financial goal or the minimum price), then the funds invested will be returned.


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