OVID WORKS - storytelling specialists

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OVID WORKS - storytelling specialists

OVID WORKS was created in 2016 by enthusiasts of computer games, especially those characterized by a large dose of emotions and narration. The most important project currently being developed by OVID WORKS is METAMORPHOSIS, which is a unique, focused on the narration game based on mysterious and captivating stories from Franz Kafka. Become a shareholder of OVID WORKS to take part in development process of this extraordinary, surrealistic adventure in the world seen from the perspective of a small worm!

Take on the role of Gregor Samsa and experience an extraordinary adventure in the surreal world seen from the perspective of a small worm. Immerse yourself in a world in which your seemingly insignificant activities can trigger consequences that go beyond human imagination. Ovid Works continues the tradition of telling stories in the new digital millennium, creating engaging, grotesque, but humorous games.

Join us and help Gregor to solve the mystery of his unexpected transformation!

METAMORPHOSIS is a project that will allow us to translate our passion into great stories, addictive video games and create a unique game for PCs and consoles that will move the hearts of players around the world. We believe that we have the skills, experience and talent necessary to succeed.

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As part of the crowdfunding campaign, investors have the option of purchasing a 10% stake in Ovid Works Sp. z o.o. for PLN 800,000. Funds acquired during the campaign will be used to finance the further production of Metamorphosis and contribution to grant projects.

I quarter of 2019 - premiere of the game on PC

II quarter of 2019 - the premiere of the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Storytelling game, based on the script on Franz Kafka's novel "Transformation" and "Process". The player takes on the character of Gregor Samsa and experiences an extraordinary adventure in the surreal world seen from the perspective of a small worm.

Like the Little Nightmares, Gone Home, Inside or Limbo blockbuster, the game tells the player a deeper story.

The perspective of the micro-world, mechanics of movement, unique environmental puzzles or a hand-drawn world make Metamorphosis a candidate for market success.


METAMORPHOSIS in the OVID WORKS edition is an unusual, mysterious and grotesque story seen from the first person perspective. The player takes on the role of Gregora Samsa, and his main mission is to solve the mystery of the sudden, unexpected transformation and inexplicable secret of arresting Gregor’s friend - Joseph K. Settled in the half-open world, the game is using captivate narration and reward the player for exploration and strong involvement in the game. The game allows player to travel the world in a micro-scale, crawling as a worm between humor, absurd and grotesque that faces the heroic attempt to save the human soul.

Purpose of the issue: completing the production of METAMORPHOSIS and starting pre-production of subsequent games

Game type: adventure survival first person action game

Production end: Q4 2018.

Premiere: Q1 2019 / Q2 2019 *

Developer: OVID WORKS

Publisher: Negotiations underway

Platform: PC, XboX One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

* 1st quarter of 2019 - METAMORPHOSIS premiere on PC, II quarter of 2019 - METAMORPHOSIS premiere for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch



OVID WORKS continues the tradition of developing unusual storytelling games. This time using Franz Kafka's books. METAMORPHOSIS is an unusual FPA game based on mysterious and captivating stories coming out from the creator of such books like "Process" or "America". The inspiration for creating the game was the unique story called "Die Verwandlung" ("The Metamorphosis"), which was created on just a few winter evenings in 1912, and next to "Process" is one of the most recognizable works using so-called narrative Kafka situation, the essence of which is the conflict of an enslaved individual with an anonymous, superior instance.

"When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from restless dreams, he stated that he had turned into a horrible worm in bed - we read in the first sentences of Kafka's prose. He lay on his back, hard as armor, and when he lifted his head a bit, he could see his vaulted, brown, stiffened arched stomach, on which he could hardly keep a slip-down quilt. Numerous legs, pitifully thin in comparison with the old ones, flashed helplessly in front of his eyes. What happened to me? - he thought. It was not a dream. "- reading this passage, we immediately felt that this is a story that we want to refresh, reinterpret and transfer to the interactive world of games.

Metamorphosis is a great medium for telling an important and full-blown story in an interactive way thanks to computer games. The use of micro-scale creates an intriguing perspective and gives rise to a wide range of gameplay opportunities, which can give satisfaction to both "casual" players as well as demanding players.

Metamorphosis game has great potential to reach a wide audience all over the world - not only players looking for interesting storytelling projects, but also readers and fans of Franz Kafka’s literature!


  • the perspective of the micro-world that gives new meaning to what players have known so far,
  • movement mechanics that allows the player to empathize with the role of a small worm,
  • unique environmental puzzles for intriguing gameplay,
  • a hand-drawn world giving an exaggerated, grotesque aesthetics,
  • strong emphasis on narrative and storytelling.


O nas

OVID WORKS is a team that continues the tradition of telling absorbing stories, creating fun and engaging games for PCs, consoles and VR devices. Together, we share a passion for telling expressive stories and creating an engaging gameplay. We founded OVID WORKS because we see the huge potential of computer games as a medium for telling mature and exciting stories.

The OVID WORKS team was created in 2016 by enthusiasts of computer games, especially those with a high dose of emotion and narration. Currently, the team consists of ten people who have gained their experiences in such companies as: Flying Wild Hog, Superhot, Platige Image. Completing the team, we were looking for people not only with rich technical knowledge but also with a unique aesthetic sense. That's why the games we're working on stand out from the crowd at first glance. In April 2017, the company published on Steam its first project - the game INTERKOSMOS is the VR's simulator of a life capsule returning to the ground from a space station. It is the game with strong plot elements interspersed with humor specific to the realities of the Cold War. The game was very positively received by the press and players and received an average score of 9/10.

The most important game developed by OVID WORKS - METAMORPHOSIS translates the passion of the founders for great stories and immersive video games in order to create an amazing game on PCs and consoles (PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch) that can move the hearts of players. During the work on the Interkosmos, the team proved that it has a predisposition and a set of skills necessary to succeed with its key title.

The company is currently financed by financial investors, including the main investor - VARSAV VR S.A, which holds 42% of shares in the company.



As part of the first edition of the GameINN Sectoral Program, Ovid Works conducts research and development for the project: Living Small Ethos in a Live Big Mythos: Developing a framework and guidelines for plot presentation using the micro-scale effect and interactive mechanisms to engage and focus the player's attention on the narrative layer ". The project received funding in the amount of 0,9 PLNm.

In October 2017, the company obtained funding for the implementation of the project entitled "Branches in Reactive Narration: design, principles and tools", as part of the second edition of the GameINN Sectoral Program. The granted amount of funding is 1,79 PLNm.



I quarter of 2018 - participation in the GDC and Game Connection fairs – presenting the METAMORPHOSIS game to potential Publishers, crowdfunding campaign on the CrowdDragons.com platform

II quarter of 2018 - premiere of the game INTERKOSMOS on the PlayStation VR platform (depending on Sony's decision), launching the project as part of the second edition of the GameINN sector program

III quarter of 2018 - signing of a contract with the publisher for METAMORPHOSIS

IV quarter of 2018 - the end of METAMORPHOSIS development and start of pre-production of the next narrative game

I quarter of 2019 - METAMORPHOSIS premiere on PC

II-III quarter of 2019 - METAMORPHOSIS premiere for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch



Jacek Dębowski

CEO, co-founder

Over 10 years of experience in project management. Manager and consultant for management and strategy. Involved in around 20 projects, mainly high-tech and software development for the largest technology companies in Europe. He managed projects >1  million EUR and teams of up to 30 people. A graduate of the Military University of Technology, in the field of Electronics and Communication, and post-graduate studies in Customer Value Management at the Warsaw School of Economics

Jacek Chojecki

Game Director, co-founder

Over 8 years of experience in working with narration and storytelling for movies and video installations. A graduate of the Department of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia in Katowice, specialization in directing and Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design (HEAD) in Geneva, movies faculty.


Art Director

Over 10 years of experience in artistic departments in several Polish movies studios. Developed games: Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset.


Lead Programmer

Over 5 years of experience in creating games and programming (Superhot team, Platige Image, Melt, Ovid Works). He took places in the top 3 as a team leader in numerous Game James across Europe.


Lead Animator

Extensive experience in the game development industry (eg Flying Wild Hog as a senior animator) and earlier in the movie industry.  Developed games: Hard Reset, Shadow Warrior, Shadow Warrior 2.



INTERKOSMOS is a virtual reality game telling a short story of a terrible return to Earth from a Russian space station. It is a game of feverish gameplay that challenges the player's "inner astronaut". It is also a comedy story full of twists and turns, international intrigues and cold war absurdities.

A mini-adventure with astronomical proportions!

The player takes control of the space capsule falling to Earth in a breathtaking experience in virtual reality, which simulates the thrill of re-entering the atmosphere. At INTERKOSMOS, the player takes on the role of the Zvezda pilot, a fully interactive rescue capsule, heavily inspired by cosmic technology from the 1970s, in which every switch, manometer and mechanical bit can have a bearing on its survival.

It's time to become an astronaut you've always wanted to be!

INTERKOSMOS premiered on April 25, 2017 on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift devices, so far it has around 5 000 buyers who highly appreciate the visual and narrative aspects of the game. The game was developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency in record time of 6 months and is loved by the players getting 90% of positive comments. INTERKOSMOS has proved that OVID WORKS can implement ambitious, innovative projects using new technologies. It also allowed establishing cooperation with companies such as Intel, Sony or Epic, which were impressed by the ingenuity and high quality of the game.




1. Specify the number of shares in the company you want to buy

2. Fill out the form and pay online - You must be logged in to make a purchase. Confirmation of payment will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form

3. Receive confirmation of your investment - at the indicated e-mail address You will receive confirmation of the transaction and a description of further steps and events related to the investment You made.

4. Download, complete and send back the investment contract. Before the investment decision, you can download the draft investment contract, which is located in the documents tab in the campaign details

5. In the deadline set by the originator, go to your notary (or your attorney) - You will receive timely information about the planned date (details can be found in the investment contract and regulations).

If the campaign is not successful (it does not reach the financial goal or the minimum goal), then the funds invested will be returned.



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