A Hell of a good investment

Shareholders: 3
Acquired sum: 108,000 PLN
Goal: 300,000 PLN
A Hell of a good investment

Red Dev Studio is a company located in the north-east of Poland, in Olsztyn. The studio was founded in 2015 as a result of cooperation of several game players and designers. Serious work began at the end of 2016, with the entry of the investor into the company. The Red Dev Studio team consists of young and ambitious enthusiasts of electronic entertainment, with more and more experience in the production of games.

„Initially, we created games with the mobile markets in mind, but we quickly realized that the implementation of our ideas goes beyond the current technical capabilities of phones and tablets. We started to create productions directed primarily at stationary platforms.

When we are creating games we try to look for a new, innovative solutions, whether in the game, story telling or artistic layer of the game. Creating new productions, we want to surprise players. Already at the stage of the idea, we wonder what we can encourage the player to our games."

Our goal

During revenue crowdfunding campaign Red Dev Studio offers to investors the opportunity to invest in the future revenue stream from the sale of three games. We offer 10% of revenues for three hundred thousand polish zlotys (300 000 PLN). The funds raised in this way will be used to complete the games and transfer them to other platforms.

The games presented below are created by three teams, which ensures diversification of production risk. The diversity of game genres, on the other hand, ensures reaching a larger group of recipients. Each of the games will be placed in several sales channels, on several different platforms (Android, iOS, PC, Apple, Switch), which will maximize the potential rate of return and will extend the sales period.

Funds acquired as part of the campaign will be spent on completing the games currently in production, as well as porting them to other platforms. The degree of work on each game is at least 75%. This means that all productions are approaching the end of the production period, and this minimizes the production risk.

Each of the games presented below will provide players with a minimum of a few hours of entertainment for a price ranging from 5 to 20 € for premium games and free entertainment in 'free to play' games, with the option of in-game purchases. Conscious management of the price of games and prices in shops with paid content, as well as free bonuses at the beginning will be an additional advantage during the sale.

Simulation for revenue crowdfunding campaign


The investment made by Crowd Dragons Investors
300,000 PLN
Primary expenditures incurred by the Developer for all projects
250,000 PLN
Percent from revenues attributable to Investors of Crowd Dragons portal.
PLN / EUR exchange rate
4.2 PLN
Distribution and engine costs (% of revenue)

Simulation of the rate of return

The average selling price of the game
Number of games sold from the package throughout their life cycle (PCs, consoles) *
Revenue from the sale of the game
2,047,500 PLN
Net income (less distribution costs)
1,228,500 PLN
Profit (loss) of the Investor
67,850 PLN
% profit (loss) of the Investor

Down to Hell

Down to Hell is a computer game where a tactical approach to combat is the most important aspect. The player will be a knight who is an experienced warrior and who has to save a secret girl from the hands of blood-thirsty demons.

Purpose of the issue: new types of enemies, spells, weapons, special locations, porting to Switch console
Game type: platform
Premiere: September 2018
Developer: Red Dev Studio
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Platform: Windows, X OS

On five breathtaking levels, the player will have to fight over thirty different kinds of enemies. Each and every one of them will have a couple of different attacks, which will require a different reaction from the player. The player will have to face three huge bosses in each of the five stages. They check the player’s combat skills as well as their perceptiveness or the ability to take decisions in critical situations.


  • Tactical combat – in Down to Hell it will be important to take different approach to each opponent. Observation of demons and searching for a gap between their attacks will be the key to defeating these enemies.
  • Several types of weapons – The player will be able to choose between swords, axes or hammers. Every type of weapon will have a unique special attack.
  • Powerful spells – The protagonist, at the very beginning of the game, gains control of the ability to fight using different kinds of spells.
  • RPG – With every defeated enemy, the knight will gather more experience points. Every fallen enemy will make him more powerful.
  • Terrifying bosses – During the game, the player will have to fight with many bosses. Every one of them will be more powerful and horrific than the last.
  • Five different locations – Dark and creepy cave or hell, every level in the game will be completely different from the previous one, not only how it looks or its enemies but also by using different level mechanics.

Chicken Rider

Chicken Rider is an endless runner game in which the player takes control of the young polar bear. The little bear is fighting for an animal freedom. But during the attempt of chicken liberation not everything is working according to the plan. Our hero accidentally turns on the alarm and he is forced to flee on the only one vehicle left… the chicken.



Purpose of the issue: new missions - including scenarios, dialogs and graphics, new types of modules, new types of characters
Game type: endless runner
Premiere: July 2018
Developer: Red Dev Studio
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Platform: Windows, X OS, iOS, Android


During the gameplay player will be able to use different crazy power-ups, among which you will find Squirrel Commando or a typical American redneck! After every run the player will be able to buy different outfits for the bear and unlock new “mounts”!


  • Super exciting gameplay – our heroes cannot stop even for a second or they will be caught!
  • More than 70th different outfits – you can escape but you have to do it in style. The player will be able to change parts of the outfits freely.
  • Wacky power-ups – Squirrel Commando, tabasco sauce or a harvester that’s ones of the many power-ups available in the game.
  • 7 different chickens - in the game there will be 7 different “mounts” available.
  • 8 diverse levels – during their escape our heroes will run through Area 51, typical American town and even to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism… SPAAAACE!


Orbital Station

POTATO is an “Easy to learn, hard to master” mobile game in which you are managing a space station. The player will have to complete story missions and also during the assignments, solve many problems with the station that could even lead to the annihilation of Pride of Tembodia.

Purpose of the issue: new locations, new types of enemies, new types of power ups, porting to Switch console
Game type: space station simulator
Premiere: October 2018
Developer: Red Dev Studio
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Platform: iOS, Android


Tembodia, a small totalitarian country which wants to become internationally recognized. Because of this, they are building a space station. Creating a space orbiter consumed 93,39% of their budget. When the sash was ceremoniously cut, and the last corks from the cheapest champagne fell to the ground, the first astronauts got to the station but not everything went according to plan. Cosmos was the least of the astronauts’ problems, it turned out that the most dangerous thing is the station itself. However, workers in the facility have no choice but to do everything to make the nation happy and above all the tsar of Tembodia. And of course, they have to stay alive to do that.

As a captain, the player will be managing every aspect of the station by giving orders to the astronauts. At the very beginning of the game, the captain will choose the crew, type of station, and the starting modules. With money he will earn, the player will be able to recruit new members of the crew and buy new materials required to keep the station alive.


  • Interesting and funny story missions – As the game progresses, the station commander will discover the real reasons and purpose of the station. With the development of the plot, the player will take over one of the television satellites, which will be used to broadcast Tembodian reality show "Surviving the camp", he will also go to a Martian temple built in honor of the potato god - Aaloo.
  • A ton of random events – Space is huge, beautiful and dangerous. The latter is particularly important for the crew of a non-fully operational station. On board P.O.T.A.T.O. the player will have to deal with everyday faults as well as with events far removed from the everyday routine.
  • Control over the station – As a P.O.T.A.T.O. commander the player has complete control over the station and full freedom of action. Missions or failures can be ignored - the question of how long? There was a fire? Send astronauts with a fire extinguisher or cut off the oxygen supply. Or both.
  • Crew – Each astronaut on POTATO will represent one of eleven unique classes (e.g. soldier, medic, hacker, mage). The abilities of every person will be represented by eight statistics which will tell the player what their usefulness for different kinds of problems is. Level of abilities will have a crucial impact on a mission.
  • Modules – Tembodian space station is composed of specialized modules that perform various functions essential for the operation of the station. The player will have the opportunity to decide which modules to expand the station during the game.

About us

We are fast growing developer of computer games. At the beginning we created games for mobile markets but we quickly came to the conclusion that the scope of our projects should be extended to desktop platforms. Currently, the team consist of thirteen people whose experience in the production of games is constantly growing. First of our more technically advanced games, Professor Madhouse, was downloaded over 20 000 times.

Based on out skills, we undertake projects with higher complexity. Our ambition is to release several games per year that stand out with interesting stories and above-average graphic design. We are looking for new methods of presenting entertainment and our own graphic design style that will make Red Dev Studio productions unique.

Wojciech Sypko

Founder and CEO of Red Dev Studio. Over twenty years of experience in programming and project management. For several years he has been gaining experience in game production.

Krzysiek Szatkowski

Head graphic with experience in various aspects of the graphic industry. He finds himself in dark and gritty world of Down to Hell.

Mariusz Osowski

Lead programmer with the knowledge of several engines and technologies necessary to implement our projects.

Antek Sojka

He performs, composes and records, and in his spare time he creates soundtracks for games produced at Red Dev Studio.

Maciek Czekała

A programmer with many years of experience in the creating games. He published his own games, worked for several teams in the industry and prepared reviews of new titles

Błażej Zbrzeźniak

Screenwriter with experience of working on game scenarios. At Red Dev Studio, he prepares scenarios and is responsible for game design.



  • Specify the percentage of revenues - Decide how many percentages in the revenue of a given project you want to purchase
  • Fill out the form, read and approve the investment agreement, pay online - Confirmation of payment will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form. You must be logged in to make a purchase.
  • Receive confirmation of the investment - You will receive a confirmation of the transaction and a description of further steps related to the investment made to the provided e-mail address.
  • If the campaign is not successful (it will not reach the financial goal or the minimum price), then the funds invested will be returned.


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